How the Wrath of God fell on the USA

How God Punished America, throughout the Ages, Anger of a Just God!

Okay, some among us like to imagine that the God of Jacob is a spook in the sky! Thatwe can term a meth high,  as a hobo can best put it. God is real and he punishes unrepentant sinners with death, for the wage of sin is death. Now you will argue that, if God is Love how can he punish with death. The God of Jacob gave us natural law and if you fight nature you die—HMM Go into Siberia wearing Yoga pants mid winter. a Mink can do that and not die, natural law. Well dive into the ocean???But a shark can do that, still natural law. Well, as a saint put it, if a thief does not fear GOD, a Dog will inspire Him to fear! Nature if opposed will bring death, and this is true in sexual issues. So let us look at how God punished the USA.

The Civil War. was just punishment for slavery. You ask why, because slaves have always been out there, but America was founded 1600 years after Jesus Christ and New testament biblical teachings, so there was no excuse, for slavery, oppression of the poor, and holding wages, for these sins cry out to Heaven and God’s wrath is thus inflamed. Hence there was a warand many died in muddy fields covered in brown mud. Just like when the Israelite and the Catholics sinned.

Vietnam war. The kids of the sixties rebelled against God, sex love, rock and roll, Woodstock, free love! You had kids raised in small town Catholic families abandoning their faith for sex love and fornication in the 1960s, only to die in a humid, agent orange blanketed rain forest a few years later. You see, these kids grew up in the 50s and walked away from moral values, and hence they got the reward for their rebellion, DEATH, the wage doled out for sinners, this means that we need to repent!

AIDS crisis for the “happy peoples” Wwar-1371810_960_720ell so what does this mean. God created Adam and Eve then we rebelled and Adam chose Adam, and hence the grave came fast, giving the West, the worst epidemic crisis since the likes of the plagues. This was not caused by war or depression, or sanitary condition , poverty but by sexual excess, and yes if we do not repent we all will get another round of this dowry, Jesus Christ is the only way you will be saved. God destroys sinners and the AIDS crisis was just an aperitif to the wrath to come if we do not repent from our sexual abundance.

September Eleven. The nineties were a period of changing morality, even the president had sexual scandals, society saw the rise of the metro sexual, and rebellions like hip hop took center stage. The nineties saw an increase in perversion. So the came judgment when the towers fell, and the world order changed forever.

The point is that if we do not repent, death will always be the wage of sin. If you study history, behind any ill period in lies, immorality, abandonment of Jesus Christ, much wealth and oppression.


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